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This project grew out of a desire to have a clean, simple page to check river levels. I originally started with a USGS scraper that created a single static HTML page back in Jan 2009. In April of the same year, Larry Ausley asked me to adapt it to the Week of Rivers board.

Recently I've focused on making the site more customizable so folks can create their own flows page.


  • Garrick Taylor for providing the correlation data, so I could create the Wilson Creek gauge.
  • All the early beta-testers who provided valuable feedback and suggestions: BrianM, Dana, Garrick, Jemma, Jenis, Larry, Trevyn, and probably others I'm forgetting.
  • Cookie by scubadive67
  • Recommended river levels were taken from CCC members, American Whitewater and BoatingBeta. Please let me know if you strongly disagree with any of them.
  • Trevyn suggested comma-separated CSV GPS pulling. A great feature.


I always enjoy reading colophons (I know, weird, huh) so here's mine:

As of Nov 2022 This site spent several years running on Kotlin & Spark, but now is running on Go & Gin.

Older histories below

I originally started on Google App Engine (GAE) but found the cold startup atrocious, and let's face it - this site is always gonna be cold.

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